Catchy melodies, sung or played on the violin, meet honest lyrics and strong female voices. The band r.u.ok knows how to express feelings and emotions in their songs. In 2017 Jasmin (lead vocals/guitar/bass), Mauro (bass/violin/vocals), Amani (keys/backing vocals), Samuel (drums) and Jasmin (guitar/bass/backing vocals) met as individual music enthusiasts and discovered indie pop rock together.

‘i think i feel nothing’ is the first project of r.u.ok. The EP dives into a deep emotional world. It raises questions, talks about love and sorrow, copes with loneliness and underlines the scope of an authentic friendship.

In 2022, r.u.ok released three more singles. With ‘mäntigabig’, the band delved into Swiss-German lyrics and male lead vocals for the first time.

Jasmin Huber – vocals, bass & guitar

Amani Christen – keys & vocals

Jasmin Künzle – guitar, bass & vocals

Mauro Koch – bass, violin & vocals

Samuel von Flüe – drums